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Beyond The Great Dying

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ISBN #:978-1521881316
pages, Science Fiction/Dystopian

Beyond The Great Dying

Book 2 of the Endangered Series

Small enclaves of humans are in the early stages of forging a comeback when an alien race decides an empty earth is the perfect place to resettle.

In Beyond the Great Dying, Novelist NS Austin blends science fiction, humor, hope, and gritty realistic characters to create a post-apocalyptic world that is both strange and all too believable. Political intrigue, romance and unusual creatures combine to deliver an action-packed adventure for the last surviving humans on earth. Beyond the Great Dying is a wild ride and evocative drama of a new world rising from the ashes of the old.  Read more about this book on Amazon.com

What Amazon customers are saying about Beyond the Great Dying:

“A very different post-apocalyptic story. I really enjoyed this far out technology paired with the down home psychology that characterized this small series.”

“NS Austin has a fine mind. Writing skills are terrific and she allows the reader to be engulfed into the story. This second endeavor is as good as the first.”

“As my title suggests, this story is oh so worthy of your time and money, just as entertaining as the first book.”

“How wonderful to have a sequel as fascinating as the first story. A story of endurance and wonderful discoveries.”

“I didn’t think the second book could be as good as the first. But I was wrong. Wonderful characters, exciting story that also pulled the heart strings.”

“Was not into outer space creatures but this series captured my imagination.... very interesting storyline and great characters. Quite a ride!”

“Read the first book in the series to fully enjoy this one. Fantastic read and great science fiction/apocalyptic combination”

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