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Critically Endangered

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ISBN #:978-1549604676
pages, Science Fiction Apocalyptic

Critically Endangered

Book 1 of the Endangered Series

In a world where nearly all human life is gone within ten days, one lonely woman and her dogs must find the will to survive.

 Karen watches the horror of humanity's annihilation via cable television and the internet until they too are gone. There is no time to understand the inexplicable sickness that takes everyone. Karen's daughter dies in her arms. Her husband and son never return.

A spark of hope ignites when Karen begins a physical metamorphosis, shedding her skin to become a better version of herself. If only every survivor changed in the same way. Too soon she discovers that some things don’t change at all. Humans are still the world's greatest predator.  Read more about this book on Amazon.com

What Amazon customers are saying about Critically Endangered:

“From the first page to the last. Rollercoaster of emotions. I can't remember enjoying a book this much! Thank you! thank you! for writing such a wonderful story and sharing it!!!!”

“Amazing book Ms. Austin. I really loved this non zombie, completely spine tingling book.”

“This author has a way with characters that pull you into the story and you don't want to stop reading.”

“I heartily recommend this book to readers of all genre. Survival of a disaster of this magnitude means cooperation, communication and most importantly love and respect. Best book I ever read.”

“This will become one of my read again series.”

“Read it in two days. Loved it. Won't spoil but if you love dogs, not-too-hard-core dystopian stories, and still have hope for humanity, you might just like this ride! I did”

“Entertaining, well written, rich of heart, touch of romance.”

“Barely give a five star review, but this story deserved it. Excellent characters, impossible not to love.”

“This book was a perfect combination of thriller, post-apocalyptic, character development, and a dash of romance. Plus there are dogs. Dogs make everything better.”

“If you only read a few books a year, make this one of them! Loved the story, characters and the dogs!”

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